Fairfax Police Youth Club

Scholarship Application

L. Patrick Laing Scholarship Application

Required Elements:

Full NAME:

Address (Street, City, State & Zip): 

Home/Cell Phone: 


High School:


1. Years in FPYC.  List each year you participated in FPYC.  FPYC Sports having two separate seasons (soccer, running, volleyball, etc...) in the same year count as one.


2.  Separate FPYC Sports.  List each sport participated in FPYC.  Basketball, Cheerleading, Field Hockey, Football, Irish Football, Lacrosse, Running, Soccer, Volleyball, and Wrestling.  (Former sports: T-Ball and Rugby)


3. Extra activities within FPYC.  List any additional activities you participated in FPYC (include the calendar year) i.e., coach/assistant coach, referee, registration etc...


4.  GPA.  Provide grade transcript.



5.  Essay.  Introduce yourself to the evaluation committee.  Include your FPYC Experience, college choice, future goals & objectives.  Single page limit.