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FPYC Rugby

Summer Rugby is Just Around the Corner

In addition to registering with FPYC, all Rugby Players must register with USA Rugby. Click to Register with USA Rugby (Click Here).

Spring 15s

We have the following Teams for Spring 2016. Spring Season Rugby is generally 15 Players per side.

5th-6th Grade Youth Tackle
7th-8th Grade Middle School Tackle
9th-12th Grade High School Tackle

5th-8th Grade Middle School Tackle
9th-12th Grade High School Tackle

Summer 7s 

We plan to have the following Teams for Summer 2016. Summer Season Rugby is generally 7 Players per side.

2nd-4th Grade Coed Tag

5th-6th Grade Youth Tackle
7th-8th Grade Middle School Tackle
9th-12th Grade High School Tackle

5th-8th Grade Middle School Tackle
9th-12th Grade High School Tackle


Why Play Rugby?

It is fun and open to all, no experience necessary!  Learn to catch, pass,  kick, scrum and ruck!  Rugby skills and fitness can be used in every other sport.

As a new Olympic sport, rugby’s values of tolerance, solidarity, respect for others, fair play, equality, non-discrimination, friendship and character development are inherent in the sport that will once again take the Olympic stage in Rio 2016.

According to World Rugby, there are now more than 1.2 million total players in the USA. Click here to read this interesting article on rugby’s incredible growth in the U.S. and how it could change the global game

Watch this video to find out why so many people are falling in love with the game of rugby, played in more than 120 countries by over 7.2 million participants.

Watch this video to learn about 100+ years of American rugby tradition

8 Random Facts About Rugby

  1. Rugby is the sport that inspired American football.
  2. The game of rugby has only been an Olympic sport four times and made its first and last Olympic Games appearances in Paris. A seven-a-side version of rugby made an appearance in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.
  3. It is a true team sport, regardless of size, all players contribute and are able to get an opportunity to carry the ball and score.
  4. It all began in 1823, when a school in the Welsh town of Rugby created a new way of playing soccer, which would eventually become rugby. The sport of rugby is named after Rugby School, where the game was first played.
  5. Initially, rugby balls were plum-shaped due to the shape of pigs’ bladders that they were made from.
  6. The first time a national anthem was sung before a sporting event happened, was spontaneously before a rugby game.
  7. Basketball was actually created by a rugby coach who wanted some form of indoor sporting activity to keep his players conditioned when it was off-season!
  8. The field, called a pitch, is 100 yards by 75 yards. There are 15 or 7 players per team on the pitch during a match.

University/College Rugby Scholarships

With rugby being the fastest growing sport in America, more and more scholarships for boy and girls are becoming available.

Learn more about college scholarship opportunities:

Guide for the College-Bound Rugby Player
The Ruggers Edge Guide for the College Bound Rugby Player


Our Club’s Philosophy

As a sport, rugby has qualities that separate it from the rest; there are particular expectations, rules, and regulations that we cannot deviate from. Rugby is a way of life, it forms and improves the individual, and this is believed regardless of where it is played. Rugby is a dynamic game, therefore as learners of the sport we must be aware that it is ever evolving and that we are expected to learn and develop our skills as we play.

Also, we must be aware that there is no excuse to withhold the basic principles which make rugby what it is. If we had to define the philosophy and spirit or rugby, the most accurate statement is that rugby is a game of respect. It is a game that constantly confronts adversity and tries to overcome it with a huge amount of effort and extreme loyalty.

The technical aspect of the game is very important, but it is neither the only aspect nor the most important one. What is most important in the game is respect, education, comradery, self-control; to teach our athletes a basic understanding of the game, and to enjoy the game.

Our Vision: To develop people through the enjoyment of the game to create and grow a club that has solid values.

We want to make sure that our players understand that the immediate objective of the team is not to win, but to play to the best of our capability as a team. By doing this, not only are we achieving our main goal, to enjoy the sport, but we also teach our athletes to aspire to be superior to their adversaries, which will result in victory.

Our Mission as a Rugby Club

As a rugby club, we want to instill the spirit of the sport to the youth divisions and aspire to transfer those values into our athletes’ daily lives, to become better teammates and citizens. We teach our athletes, beginning with the first practice, that rugby is more than a sport, it is fundamentally a school of life, and a way of life.


  • Virginia State Champions Boys High School Division 2: 2015, 2008; Division 1 State Finalist: 2010; Division 2 State Finalist 2013, 2014.
  • Summer u-13 Boys State Champions: 2012, 2010.
  • Summer u-11 coed tag State Champions: 2010, 2009, 2008.
  • Virginia State Champions High School Girls: 2010, ’11, ’12, ’13; State Finalists 2015.
  • Summer High School Girls 7′s State Champions: 2015, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2008, 2007.

Jaguars in College:

We are very proud of our FPYC Rugby Alumni playing at James Madison, Virginia Commonwealth, Lindenwood, American International College, Penn State, Mary Washington, Carleton College, George Mason, and more!!!

Registration FAQs

  • Registration is required for each season.  Spring and Summer are two different seasons.
  • USA Rugby - In addition to FPYC Registration, ALL players, ALL ages need to register for a USA Rugby membership number.  Please search under “Fairfax Police” and choose the correct age group for your child.
  • There is a $40 USA Rugby fee for High School players, a $30 fee for Middle School and Youth players, and $10 fee for Coed Tag players.  FPYC cannot waive this fee.  However, you only have to pay this fee once per year (Sept 1- Aug 31), not per season.
  • Players that are not registered with both FPYC and USA Rugby cannot participate in games or tournaments.


Although rugby has two formal seasons, that of spring and summer, several clinics and preseason training events take place in fall. Spring Practice fields and times will be finalized soon. Please contact the coach for your child’s age group to see if they have started practices.

Practice Locations

Providence Park, Draper Park, Stafford Park, and Fairfax High School

Game Location

Home Games are at Fairfax High School.