Fairfax Police Youth Club

Parent Testimonials

Rugby Testimonials

Below are some parents' testimonials offered over the last 4 seasons:

" I would like to say that my son's experience with rugby was positive in about every imaginable way. He found rugby exciting and active -- perfect for his energy level. Players have to think quickly and move quickly continually! Love it!

I was also very impressed by the coaches' philosophy, examples and behavior. They were out there to teach the game and to have fun. The coaches praised the players when they did well, corrected if they did poorly, never in a high-pressured situation. They taught true sportsmanship.

— Christie, mother of a 10 year-old boy

"I had to be convinced really hard to let my daughter play tackle rugby... Well now I am sorry she did not start playing earlier. Thank you FPYC for giving a passion to my daughter!"

— Sean, father of a 15 year-old girl

"I found summer rugby to be the perfect complement to the football season. I was always looking to get my son out of the house and be active. Rugby has given us a great sport to increase his fitness level."

— Courtney, mother of a 13 year old boy

"Thank you to all the coaches that taught rugby to my son this summer. Cannot wait for another season to start!"

— Bob, father of a 12 year old boy

"My daughter plays lacrosse, field hockey, and volleyball. Now, she has discovered another sport she loves... I don't know if I have to thank you or curse you...."

— Mindy, mother of a 12 year-old girl

My "experience" with rugby was limited to what I had seen in college. Thank you for opening my eyes to this wonderful sport. I know of no other sports where everybody is in such equal footing, working together to achieve a goal. I also enjoyed the respect and sportsmanship values demonstrated to the other team after the games.

— Thomas, father of a 9 year-old boy