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Season Updates

2021 Track and Field Season Updates

02/15/2021 Update: Sunday practices...Runners with the last name A - H. Lee will be part of practice session 1 on Sundays. Runners with the last name M. Lee - Z will be part of practice session 2.  

02/15/2021 Update: Registration for the FPYC Spring Track and Field Season is now CLOSED. We reached our 200 athlete limit. Details about the upcoming season will be sent via mass team emails in the coming weeks. If you have not heard from the directors by March 1st, please email us so we can try and figure out why your email has not received messages. The system does not alert us if an email address is unable to receive our emails so we have no way of knowing. Please check with other family members who should have also received emails. 

02/07/2021 Update: A tentative schedule for the spring track and field season has been posted under the schedule link. We are still looking for a parent volunteer for data. See below for details. This is the last season we have available our data person for direct instruction and training. 

01/19/2021 Update: We have a 200 athlete limit for the spring track and field season. We understand this is a big issue, but we have to keep everyone safe and distanced.

We are again excluding the 5-6 y/o age group. These athletes will have future years to run with the club and are harder to manage and distance at practices. This means your child will need to be 7 years old when practices start in March. We expect to have FPYC intrasquad only meets. We may schedule more of these meets on Sundays instead of practice so the kids can race more. We do not know about attending away meets. We may NOT do field events with implements (shot put and javelin). We requested permits for sprinters to be at Lanier MS and distance runners to be at Van Dyck on both Tuesdays and Thursdays. We anticipate that distance runners will also be able to go to Accotink.

Our ability to have multiple locations for sprinters and distance runners and to have long jump is dependent on having enough sprint coaches and distance coaches and multiple coaches who know how to coach long jump to manage long jump at our practices and meets. Please email us if you are interested. Our ability to have more intrasquad meets (vs. Sunday practices) will also be dependent on parent volunteers to help at the meets. 
We may need to make adjustments to our season based on the status of the Covid-19 Pandemic. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. 

Volunteer Needed: We are looking for someone with Hytek/Meet Manager experience or willingness to learn to begin training for the fall 2022. We have 1 more season (2021 Track & Field) with our awesome data/meet result volunteer. After her departure, we need a volunteer for this job. She has created a document to explain the tasks involved in setting up the meets and how to use the program. The helper can assist over the spring season to become familiar with the processes. Please email the directors at running@fpycsports.com if you are willing to volunteer for this task. 

Bib Numbers/Lollipops: At this time we plan to give kids their numbers the first practice they attend and then families are responsible for taking the number home and bringing it back to practice. We are not planning to do lollipops as this is a close proximity activity of getting the lollipops, and we cannot have kids all reaching in the same bins to get lollipops. Again, if things change we will make adjustments. 

Parent Meeting: We will skip the parent meeting on the first day of practice. We cannot have families sitting very close to each other and will not be able to be responsible for cleaning the Fairfax HS bleachers. The "Parent Meeting Document" for track and field will be accessible under Running Documents on the website closer to the start of the season. Much of the information is already available on the website. 

Meet Flyers/Schedules/Order of Events: The meet flyers from past Cross Country and Track & Field meets have been posted under "Running Documents." Families can review the meet details if you are trying to plan your weekends. We will post updated meet flyers for 2021 as appropriate.

Families can access the registration information for spring Track and Field through the main FPYC webpage. When registering, please take care to correctly enter your email contacts, preferably two, if possible. If the email is not entered correctly, you will not receive the team email updates, and we have no way of knowing if your email address does not receive the team emails sent. IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY TEAM EMAILS WITHIN ONE WEEK OF THE START OF THE SEASON, PLEASE EMAIL THE DIRECTORS. YOU WILL GET A CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION from FPYC UPON REGISTRATION, BUT THAT IS NOT A TEAM EMAIL. We typically start contacting the team in late February for track & field and mid-August for cross country.

WINTER RUNNING: The FPYC Running program does not manage a winter program. We have fall cross country and spring track and field. The Potomac Valley Track Club does run a series of indoor winter track meets at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center in Arlinton, VA. Interested families can access that information at http://www.pvtc.org/. Both the USATF PVA and AAU have hosted indoor track meets in early March at the Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex in Landover, MD. Information is typically available on the www.coachoregistration.com website when it is updated. FPYC does not enter athletes in these winter meets. Familes may do so themselves if interested. We are unsure of the status of these events due to the pandemic. 

Lynda & Geoff Hymans
Co-Directors, FPYC Running