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Soccer Training

FPYC Soccer Training

The goal of FPYC soccer training is to improve to the overall quality of play and enjoyment of the game, and maximize the training opportunities available for all of our players at an affordable cost. We recognize that players may sign up for soccer for a variety of reasons, but one thing is true for all – playing better soccer is more fun!

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U4-U5 – Mini-Kickers

A necessary prerequisite of good soccer is developing skill and comfort with the ball, and it is never too young to start! Run by the experienced trainers from UK Elite Soccer, the Mini-Kickers program consists of fun, familiar children’s games adapted to incorporate a soccer ball.

As a sport that incorporates constant movement, aerobic exercise, balance and eye-foot coordination as well as healthy social interaction it is an ideal activity to promote all around physical development in early childhood.

Through the medium of soccer related FUN activities and games we have a progressive curriculum for children aged 2 – 5 which introduces the sport and develop age appropriate skills.

UK Elite Soccer’s philosophy and methodologies are based on cutting edge educational principles of how children learn techniques and develop them into skills while having a fantastic time. All a child needs to join a program is a pair of sneakers, a pair of shin-guards and plenty of energy and enthusiasm!

Players meet on Saturday mornings for 8 weeks. Training for U5players is conducted mainly by their parent-coach, who will conduct one practice per week in addition to a 3v3 game on Saturday mornings. U5s also receive one “Mini-Kickers Festival” (also run by UK Elite Soccer) at the beginning of each season. Check the Training Calendar for the exact location and time once it has been scheduled.



The FPYC Academy is the cornerstone of our training program. In addition to their regularly scheduled team practices and games, players in these age groups will receive between 6aditioanl training sessions per season from the experienced professionals at UK Elite Soccer. The goal of the Academy Program is to provide each player and coach with a solid base of fundamentals and technical skills that will enhance their performance and enjoyment of the game for years to come. For more information, please visit our FPYC Academy Page.


Pick-up Soccer (Street Soccer) – U5+

At the younger ages, the game can be the number one teacher for all players, giving them the opportunity to develop and improve, purely by playing because of a love of the game. Pick up soccer is the place for that to happen.

Pick up soccer is a staple in every soccer players routine around the globe, and something all players do, ‘just for fun’ on a daily basis. Pick up soccer gives players the freedom and opportunity to express themselves and to try new things without the risk and pressure that organize league play or games bring with them. The opportunity to initiate, develop and inspire soccer individuality, flair and creativity while replicating their favorite heroes: Messi, Ronaldo, Lloyd, Morgan, Solo, Rooney, Howard, etc.

As field space and volunteer commitment permit, we try to re-create as much of that environment within FPYC as possible, by providing a safe place for kids to get together just play the game – for fun! Pick-up Soccer sessions are held year-round - three times per week in the winter and summer, and once per week during the season. For more information, check the Training Calendar or send an Email.


Advanced Developmental Academy – Pre-Travel Training; (U6-U8)

Individual Development Program for young players committed to improving at soccer, and show some great potential to be a part of the FPYC Travel Program which begins at U9.

To successfully fulfill the potential of any youth soccer player you must focus on two distinct areas:

  1. The development of the Individual Player themselves
  2. The development of the individual player within the context of his/her team.

An IDP provides a forum for players to work on their own specific areas of strength and develop. FPYC encompasses this through a low ratio of students to professional coaches from UK Elite Soccer and supported fantastically by our own qualified FPYC club coaches whom are selected by our Technical Director. This cast of coaches allows us to drill down on the specific detail required to perfect areas of the game. Each player will develop their technique, muscle memory and the ability to consistently reproduce a high level of skill in the game setting.

The Advanced Development Academy will consist of 10 x 90 minute sessions in both the Spring and Fall seasons, and 6-8 sessions during the Winter and Summer seasons. Each session includes advanced foot skills, and beating defenders in isolated situations. Players will develop and improve passing and receiving, techniques, as well as beginning to advance their ability while undertaking possession games. These will be coupled together with some basic tactical instruction during small-sided scrimmages, and a strong emphasis on positive, attacking decision making when in game situations.

Participation in this program is on an invitation only basis, and all recommendations have to be sanctioned by the FPYC Technical Director. This occurs through consultation with league directors and coaches. Players in the ADA program will be strongly considered by coaches selecting players for “Cross-over” and All-Star teams at U8, as well as those forming U9 Travel Teams. Training will be fast paced and intense, improvement of all players in attendance is guaranteed. Check the Training Calendar or send an Email for updates or if you have any interest or questions about the program.

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U8 Crossover Program; (U7-U8)

FPYC’s continued commitment to develop our OWN upcoming soccer player’s progress in to the crossover program, where we open up the doors for our players to expose them to the next level of soccer.

Our top 20% of players at U8, have the opportunity to pit their wits and skills against a host of other teams form the Fairfax County area in multiple scrimmages that will take place. The format is a ‘crossover’ between recreation U8 soccer and U9 travel soccer.

Games are 6v6 with goalkeepers. 5 outfield player and a goalkeeper in a regulation U9 goal. Games typically take place on Saturday afternoons, either in a formalized club organized format, or FPYC/opponent hosted opportunity.