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FPYC Soccer Academy Program


As part of FPYC's unparalleled commitment to developing young soccer players, every player in the U6-U10 age groups will have the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive skill development program provided by the experienced professional soccer trainers at UK Elite Soccer, at no extra cost. These training sessions are in addition to each player's regularly scheduled team practices and games. The goal of the Academy program is to provide a solid base of fundamental technical skills which will enhance players' performance and enjoyment of the game for years to come.

The schedule will be maintained and updated here: Training Calendar. The training will be league-wide by age group. Players will be notified by email whether they are in Session 1 or 2 for each age group.

U6/U7: Fundamental Foundation‚ Mastery of the Ball

Probably the most important thing a child can learn in soccer is to be comfortable with the ball at their feet from an early age. Training for these age groups will provide maximum touches of the ball with the focus on: keeping close control of the ball and changing direction at speed; using multiple surfaces of the foot; proper dribbling technique, maintaining possession under pressure (shielding); and 1v1 skills. U6s and U7s will each receive 3 of these training sessions per season.

U8: Possession Soccer

Gone are the days of "kick and chase" soccer and aimless long-ball clearances. The modern game requires players with skill, intelligence and creativity; who know how to build attacks from the back as a team by maintaining possession with quick movement of the ball. This possession style of play has been officially adopted by the United States Soccer Federation (link). During the U8 year players will receive a total of 12 Academy training sessions (6 in per season in the Fall and Spring) focusing mainly on learning how to play possession soccer - including passing and receiving technique, first touch, team shape, use of space, building from the back, and combination play. It is our hope that over time this will begin to affect the way that FPYC teams play as they transition to U9 and beyond.

U9/U10: Finishing Touches

Players in the U9-U10 Academy will continue to improve upon their footskills and possession soccer learned at U6-U8, while also being introduced to more advanced tactical concepts and problem solving situations. In addition, they will receive important professional technical instruction in areas such as: proper striking technique, delivering and finishing crosses, controlling aerial balls, volleying, and tackling. The U9/U10 Academy will consist of 3 sessions per season for each age group.

Don't forget to check the Training Calendar for updates, including weather-related changes.

Any questions please send an email.

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