Fairfax Police Youth Club


FPYC Basketball Referee Information



The Referee organization of FPYC Basketball is committed to ensuring fair games at the highest level of sportsmanship. The referees are the final authority on the basketball court and as such must have the training and character to accept that responsibility.

The house referees support all of our FPYC House League basketball programs

If you are interested in becoming a referee for FPYC, please register. To referee for FPYC basketball you must:

  1. Be at least 13 years old by the start of the season,
  2. Complete referee training prior to the start of the season, There will be 3 Clinics available and it is recommended that you come at least 2 of the clinics prior to the start of the season. 
  3. Be confident, assertive, and able to make necessary calls on player, coaches, and, if necessary, spectators. A non-call is a bad call.

Compensation for refereeing begins at $14 per game and is tiered based upon experience and performance. Referees will be evaluated throughout the season and will be placed in the appropriate pay tier at the beginning of the season and may be adjusted as the season progresses. Additionally, this year we are offering High School Service Hours for volunteering for referee duty. A referee may use as much or as little of their actual referee time to be pay and service hours as they choose. The league will make its best effort to pay referees the first Saturday of each month for the previous month.

Referee jerseys are the responsibility of each referee. FPYC will make jerseys available to referees at cost as necessary.

Evaluations will take place throughout the season to ensure the high caliber of refereeing. These evaluations will be performed by experienced referees and coaches with the results reported to the Director of Referees. So that you know what is expected, a copy of the form used for these evaluations may be found here. Referee Feedback Form.

All situations of unsportsmanlike behavior are reported and followed up on by the Director of Referees and reported to League Directors.

All referees must inform the Director of Referees of their availability as soon as possible, and under no circumstances later then a week in advance. If the Director of Referees does not have your availability a week in advance, you may not be scheduled for that week. To the extent possible, all game assignments are made no later then the Wednesday prior to the weekend’s games. The Director of Referees will contact each referee via email and referee must respond within twenty-four hours their acceptance of their assignment.

For Questions contact Dan Short at (703) 963-6263 fpycreffs@gmail.com