Fairfax Police Youth Club

10 Reasons

10 Reasons Kids Love Irish Football

  1. It's totally unique, but also familiar because it incorporates so many great sports like SOCCER, RUGBY, VOLLEYBALL, TEAM HANDBALL, BASKETBALL and scores of other field sports.
  2. Players use their hands to PASS and CATCH the ball. Everyone touches the ball—many times a game.
  3. Lots of scoring. Think basketball or team handball on turf.
  4. It’s fast. Think of the movement of soccer and basketball with the passing of lacrosse and finesse of volleyball.
  5. There’s a position for every kid, regardless of skills or body type. 
  6. No fancy equipment is required. To play, all you need is a ball, some goals, a jersey, and maybe some cleats. (Hint: FPYC will supply the first three. Yes, it’s one of cheapest sports on the planet.) 
  7. We play on real grass—mud, grass stains and all. 
  8. The rules are easy can be learned in 5 minutes and are as simple as eating lunch.
  9. Everyone on the field has a part to play in scoring and glory!
  10. Girls play, too. And they’re awesome.