Fairfax Police Youth Club


What Are Parents Saying About FPYC's Irish Football Program?

The coaches who put together our football program have a simple philosophy: Make it fun. Make it competitive. Make it memorable. 

We also teach the game, sportsmanship and the tenets of leadership. Here's what parents had to say about the league after our 2018 season: 

"The coaches were SO enthusiastic and obviously motivated by a love of the game. It’s the first youth sport I’ve encountered that was TRULY about loving the game itself, not competitiveness or desire to advance to an elite team or become a superstar...just truly about playing. Joyful playing of a truly fun sport. The game itself is so great for kids — constant motion, lots of different physical skills to be mastered, lots of chances to touch the ball, lots of scoring." (Parent of a player in our K-2nd grade division)

"We loved that all playing was contained to Sunday afternoon. The foundation was about fun, teamwork and skills as opposed to competition, forced team traveling and winning. The coaches are so nice and the field was perfect!" (Parent of a player in our Junior High division)

"The coaches were really dedicated and tuned in to the kids and encouraged teamwork and good sportsmanship." (Parent of a player in our K-2nd grade division)

"Great coaches — we have a daughter in the K-2 and son in 3rd-4th grade program. The kids learned to play the game at a basic level and were highly interested and enjoyed the practice times and games."

"Flexible rules and practices allowing all players, even beginners, to have fun." (Parent of a player in our High School division)

"Positive coaching all around. It was so nice to see so many adults volunteer to teach the kids a new sport. In other sports leagues, it sometimes feels like the coaches are doing it just because someone has to and their kid wants to play. In this league, it seems that everyone really wanted to be out there whether or not they had a kid invested in the sport." (Parent of a player in our 3rd/4th grade division)

"Coaches were really great. League Director Mike McCarthy's enthusiasm and energy were what made the program fun for our son." (Parent of a player K-2nd grade division)

"Knowledgeable coaches with great attitudes, and all of the players got a lot of playing time. Great coach to player ratio." (5th-6th grade division)

"The coaches — they were amazing! The overall atmosphere at practice was great — so fun and positive. Learning a new sport was really cool." (Parent of a player in our 5th/6th grade division)

"Short time commitment, enthusiastic coaches, plenty of actual game time played, just great fun." (Parent of a player in our 3rd/4th grade division)

"We picked it because it is once a week, no travel, no special gear. Having a no-fuss sport opportunity was a special find." (Parent of a player in the K-2nd grade division)