Fairfax Police Youth Club

Lacrosse Concussion

FPYC Lacrosse Concussion Policy Addendum

Lacrosse is a physical game.  Much has been done over the past several years to limit the amount of unnecessary contact, especially at the youth level.  Although the men’s game is more physical than the women’s game, women (girls) are not immune from concussions.

By Act of the General Assembly approved April 7, 2014, Virginia now requires the parent or guardian and the youth who is participating in athletic competition or who is a candidate for an athletic team to sign and return on an annual basis a statement acknowledging receipt of information that explains the nature and risk of concussion and head injury, each year before participating in athletic competition or engaging in any practice, tryout, workout, or other physical activity associated with the youth’s candidacy for an athletic team.

We will remove a player from practice or a game who is suspected of having a concussion or head injury.  Before the player may return to practice or competition a written medical clearance to return stating the athlete no longer exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion or other head injury must be received from an appropriate health care professional.