Fairfax Police Youth Club

FPYC Lacrosse

Welcome to the Spring 2022 Lacrosse Season!

The Spring 2022 FPYC Lacrosse schedule is now available. Click here or on the Spring 2022 Schedule Tab.



Registration looks a little different this year than it has in previous years. You have two options for signing up for lacrosse.


Option 1: Flex 6 Program $75

The Flex6 program, which was developed by USA Lacrosse, focuses on individual skill development. Since soft lacrosse balls are used, no equipment beyond a lacrosse stick is needed. The flexibility of this program allows us to offer co-ed teams with grouping based on both age and ability. The Flex6 athletes will practice one night a week and have a game day Saturday morning, all at Oak Marr Rec Center. This includes what was our Little Scoopers program.


Option 2: Flex 6 Program AND NVYLL League Play $150

In addition to the Flex6 program, these athletes will practice one additional night a week with their FPYC team at Oak Marr Rec Center. NVYLL league games are played across Fairfax County; boys typically play on Saturdays and girls on Sundays. Players will need to provide their own USA lacrosse approved equipment (see Equipment and Uniforms link for more information on equipment requirements).


If you have any questions, check out the Registration FAQs link or feel free to email lacrosse@fpycsports.com with additional questions.  We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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