Fairfax Police Youth Club

Lacrosse Expectations

Player & Parent Expectations

The Player

Have fun and always give 100% effort.

Always show respect for yourself, coaches, officials, parents, and other players.

Wear your equipment properly.  For female players, mouthpieces will be in and googles will be on at ALL TIMES when on the field.  For male players, mouthpieces will be in and helmets with chin straps secured will be on at ALL TIMES when on the field.

Spend time outside of practice playing lacrosse and learning as much about the game as possible.  Watch games whenever possible; be quizzed verbally on positions and fundamentals, strategies and tactics.


Please try to get your child to practice and games on time.  We know this can be difficult, especially in Northern Virginia, but it is really hard to conduct a good practice or get ready for a game when players continually show up late. If you know your player will be late or will be unable to make it to a practice or game, please let their coaches know in advance via e-mail preferably. Practices will “start” at the start time rather than the time to show up. Players will be instructed when to show up on game days.

We encourage you to get involved in playing lacrosse with your child.  This may be assisting in practices (if asked), or just playing catch outside on days when we do not have practice.  Players love it when their parents get involved and show an interest.  Repetition is also crucial for skills development.  They need to work on the skills they learn at practice when they are home.

We encourage you to accompany your player and attend a local high school or college game and discuss the game with your player.  For those who do not know much about the game or its rules you may also learn more by visiting http://www.uslacrosse.org/

Please encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, and officials at every practice and game.  Please cheer for your player and other FPYC players during games.  Please try to keep from yelling instructions to them.  Remember this is THEIR opportunity to enjoy playing in the game.  Much of the fun is lost if mom or dad or guardian is always yelling instructions.  Additionally, instruction at practices and games should come from the coaches and not the parents.  Instructions from parents should come when playing at home.  If you have a differing opinion than that of the coaching staff, please discuss it with us rather than have your child be conflicted.  We will come to an agreement so that only one technique, the proper technique, is being taught to your child.

Please let us know if you have a problem with the coaching staff.  The same holds true if your player is having an issue with someone or something.  We want to know what the problem is right away so that we can address it head on.  That being said, if you as a parent are upset with one of the coaches because of a specific incident at a game or practice, we ask that you take 24-hours to collect your thoughts.  All coaches have been advised not to speak with parents within the first 24-hours of an incident, unless it is a safety issue. We have found that after 24-hours, both sides often see things from a slightly different perspective and are able to have a more civil dialogue to address the issue.

The safety of your players is the primary concern for us.  Unfortunately, we cannot watch every player at every moment.  If you see a situation that you believe is unsafe and is of concern to you, please step in and advise the players.  Make sure you follow up with the coaches so that they can properly address the issues.

The Game

In closing, while we think lacrosse a.k.a. “the fastest game on two feet” is the most awesome game your children can play… it is just a game.  It should not be the number one priority in you or your child’s life.  FPYC Lacrosse is not a NCAA Division I program.  FPYC Lacrosse is not an elite travel program, therefore, we measure success by how many players return to the program.