Fairfax Police Youth Club

Team Rules/Discipline

Team Rules and Discipline

We will announce the team rules and our expectations of the players during the first practice.  Rules may be added during the season if necessary.   For violations of rules serious in nature, players are subject to consequences and discipline where we will involve you, the parent.

  1. Fighting or rough play outside the context of the game will not be tolerated at any time. Anyone participating in this behavior may be removed from the team for the safety of the other players.
  2. Players will be polite and show respect to themselves, other players, officials, coaches, and parents at all times while at practices and games.
  3. Disparaging comments, teasing, and/or the use of foul language will not be tolerated at any time towards any player, official, coach, or parent.  Multiple infractions may require the child to be removed from the team.
  4. While a coach is speaking, all players will remain silent and pay attention to the coach’s instructions.
  5. Players, coaches, and parents will respect the facilities provided for our use.
  6. During games and scrimmages, players and parents will not question an official’s call.  It is the responsibility of the head coach and THE HEAD COACH ONLY to address any issues with the officials.