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The primary aims of the FPYC Running Program are to develop an interest and enjoyment of running as a fitness activity that can improve overall health, and to set and achieve personal performance goals. We recognize that the goals of each child will be different. Some may want to make a serious effort to run faster or longer and relish the competition with peers. Others may view running more casually as a means to increase endurance for other sports, such as baseball, soccer, swimming, or lacrosse. Still others may look to running as means to maintain fitness or a healthier weight, or simply as a way to relax and unwind. All of these interests are valid, and to the extent possible we will support each child's particular goals throughout the season.

The level of instruction and competition depends on the individual child. Our hope is for the participant to achieve his or her individual goals, and to steadily improve levels of performance and fitness. While the team meets (competitions) are the most obvious way to assess this, those who do not wish to compete are also most welcome.

There are two seasons.
  • Spring Track and Field, from Mid-March to Early June, post-season June-early Aug. 
  • Fall Cross Country, from late August to early-November, post-season Nov. - mid-Dec. 

Team Registration Fee Per Season: $75

The different seasons each have a different focus for training and competition:

  • Track and Field: sprints from 50 to 400 meters, and longer distances from 800 to 3,000 meters, with training to develop aerobic and anaerobic endurance and speed. We also have a limited slate of field events, including shot put, long jump, and turbo javelin.
  • Cross Country: exposure to distance running from 1 kilometer to 5 kilometers, on varied terrain including wooded trails, fields, hills, and streams. Emphasis is on pacing.

The program is open to runners ages 5 through 18. Runners are grouped with other children of similar age and ability.

We respectfully ask that parents/guardians consult the website links for information about the program. Additionally, the list of FAQ on the main running webpage provides answers to many common questions. If you are unable to find the answers to your questions on the website, please feel free to contact the directors. Thank you.

Geoff and Lynda Hymans
Directors of FPYC Running