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2022 Fall Cross Country Updates

There is a lot of useful information on this page. Please scroll through all of it to be up to speed until we start sending team emails. 

Team Emails: We plan to send our first team email out during the week of August 8th. We will send a once a week email until a few days before our first practice and then additional details will be sent. 

Fall Cross Country Parent/Team Meeting Document  Click the link for more details. 

Fall Cross Country Running Log   Click the link to access the running log. Families may use this log or create their own version (paper or electronic) to track mileage over the season. We will ask for submission of your log at the end of the season. Athletes who complete the log and achieve certain distance goals for their age are recognized at the end of the season celebration. This is not required. 

Running Prep: At least one month prior to the start of the season, you should have your child begin running if they have not been running. Have them start with a walk/run/walk/run cycle and work up to running more of the time. Athletes will run at the first practice and if they have not been running at all it will be much more challenging and frustrating for them. There are many on the team who have been participating for many years and do train on a regular basis. This is not required. All levels are welcome. You can take your child to a track outside of school times and see how far they can run around the track without stopping. The more your child is prepared for the season, they more they will enjoy it without feeling as though they are far behind others. 

07/17/2022 XC Registration is Open: Please make sure to take the time to correctly enter all of your child's info (not your info, not another child's bday etc). You should receive a confirmation that registration was completed. If you did not pay for your registration, then you did not complete it. We will close registration when we reach 350 kids and will not add more athletes. This will be a general "your registration has been received if you are receiving this email" message. If you don't get an email of this nature, contact us. More detailed info will come about a week before the season starts. If you have specific questions that are not answered in the FAQ or other sections of the website, then email the directors at running@fpycsports.com. When you register your child, it is recommended that you enter email addresses for all adults who should get the emails. Details about the fall season will be sent via mass team emails starting approx 1.5 weeks prior to the season start date in August. Details will be posted here prior to team emails being sent. If you have not received an email by August 23rd, please email us so we can try and figure out why your email has not received messages. The system does not alert us if an email address is unable to receive our emails so we have no way of knowing. Please check with other family members who should have also received emails.

Participation: We again will be limiting our team to 350 kids MAX. This is due to coaching staff, parking logistics, and general management of such a large team. We do not have a policy that requires athletes to attend a certain number of practices to participate. That said, please keep in mind that we regularly turn away 15-20 families (and this is only because we had been upping the # allowed to join so there would be more if we didn't do that) who want their child to join. If your child is not going to be attending practices on a somewhat regular basis, then please re-consider if signing them up is a reasonable thing to do. 

FPYC Running Director Transition: This is our last year (2022 Cross Country and 2023 Track and Field) managing the team. We have managed the team since the spring of 2016. We have been making this information clear to FPYC Board and FPYC families for the last couple of years. At that time, we will no longer have children involved in the program as our youngest will be in high school in the fall of 2023 and doing high school sports. The program needs someone to take over the management. This is really not a one person job, but the program does need ONE official new Director. We are willing to help train people over the next year as we finish out our time and have created "what to do" and "how to do" documents to explain various needs, but we will not be spending time after we are done next spring to train people during the fall xc season of 2023.  We have greatly enjoyed spending time with all the athletes and meeting families, but it will be time for us to move on.

There does need to be one director of running to be on the FPYC Board (cross country and track and field) but someone could be more in charge of the cross country season and someone else could be more in charge of the track and field season, depending on your interests.  The Director could also choose to set up a group of willing people for a Running Board where different people are in charge of certain aspects of the program (equipment, coaching staff, volunteers, meet management etc. for example) to reduce the responsibility of any one or two people . We do already have a concept for this that was initiated by the director prior to us but was not implemented since the two of us along with our data volunteer were able to manage the program.

There is no set commitment requirement when you agree to be director. We stayed so long since we have had multiple children in the program over a long time period. It will be easiest if someone steps up and is willing to manage the program for a few years for consistency and ease of not having to find a new director after a year (that's you, parents of multiple younger athletes who expect to stay with the program), but if in your mind you have 2 years to give, then that is what you have to give. 

We anticipate the 2023 spring track and field season especially to be a transition season. As our oldest (who did FPYC from 8 y/o to 14 y/o) enters his senior year of high school and graduation roles around next spring, we may not be as available this fall and next spring to manage certain FPYC activities that conflict with college visits, senior activities etc. We may not have enough advance notice to schedule FPYC meets etc. around these activities. (The fall schedule field requests have already been submitted for this fall.) We have had a wonderful group of coaches and parent volunteers who have already stepped up to help at practices and meets when we were not available this season. They have given extensively of their time, and we are thankful for the help. We could not have done this without everyone's assistance. 

We plan to instruct the FPYC administrative person in charge of opening registration to keep registration closed for the 2023 fall XC season until someone volunteers to be director, completes the application, and is confirmed as director.  The 2023 XC season cannot be started until someone is in charge. Lynda plans to set the XC schedule up for fall of 2023 (the schedule will be due to FPYC admin. by 5/31/2023) and make sure there are enough supplies (bib numbers, pins, and such for the start of the season) but will then not be further responsible for the fall program. We will not continue to answer emails and post information related to the fall XC season.  If interested at that time to volunteer as Director, you will then need to reach out to the FPYC President whose contact information is on the main fpycsports.com webpage.  

Please email us for information if you (or a group of parents) are willing to take over the management of the program and can work to get trained over the next year.  Thank you.  Lynda and Geoff Hymans

Uniform Update: The cost of uniforms has risen. Uniforms will be $33 this season. This is the exact cost to the program. We do not generate income from uniform sales.


Cross Country 2021

Virginia Middle School State Championship Meet. FPYC girls won the overall title out of 19 teams. FPYC boys got 6th of 23 teams. Here is a photo of Hannah Hawkins and Keira Arenholz with the team trophy. 


Paige Loomis, Former FPYC Runner and Assistant Coach, WT Woodson HS Runner/Graduate '21, now attending Virginia Tech, completed her Girl Scout Gold Award Project in the summer of 2021. Part of her project was creating videos of running drills, stretches, and strengthening exercises. These videos are now available to view. Thank you, Paige! 

The YouTube video links have been placed under Running Documents on the FPYC running page. The pdf is here: Paige Loomis Girl Scout Gold Award Project to Benefit Runners 

Meet Flyers/Schedules/Order of Events: The meet flyers from past Cross Country and Track & Field meets have been posted under "Running Documents." Families can review the meet details if you are trying to plan your weekends. We will post updated meet flyers as appropriate.

WINTER RUNNING: The FPYC Running program does not manage a winter program. We have fall cross country and spring track and field. The Potomac Valley Track Club does run a series of indoor winter track meets at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center in Arlinton, VA. Interested families can access that information at http://www.pvtc.org/. Both the USATF PVA and AAU have hosted indoor track meets in early March at the Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex in Landover, MD. Information is typically available on the www.coachoregistration.com website when it is updated. FPYC does not enter athletes in these winter meets. Familes may do so themselves if interested. We are unsure of the status of these events due to the pandemic. 

Lynda & Geoff Hymans
Co-Directors, FPYC Running