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FPYC Wrestling

Welcome to FPYC Wrestling

Wrestling is a difficult sport that relies not only on physical strength and stamina but also mental toughness and for that reason it is our mission to prepare our wrestlers by providing them with the skills and techniques needed to help them succeed.  We will create an environment that promotes mental, physical, emotional growth.  Our hope is to not only create skilled wrestlers but also to encourage positive self-esteem, good sportsmanship and team comradery.

Throughout the growth of our wrestlers we expect there will be ups and downs.  It is important to handle these ups and downs with integrity.  How we handle ourselves during these moments reflect on the individual, the team, and the family.   It is ok to be excited and happy when we do well and on the flip side, it is ok to be sad and upset when we don’t do well.  Un-Sportsman like conduct will not be tolerated. 

It is our desire to promote enjoyment and appreciation of wrestling as well as a striving for excellence in wrestling as a sport, and excellence in character. Wrestling is one of the only sports which relies heavily on mental and physical strength and stamina.

Wrestling season is from November to the end of February.


Registration will begin in September and end mid-January. Note: Wrestling registration is online only.

Wrestling is open to both girls and boys ages 5 - 14.
Note: For Parents with 5-6 year old wrestlers, a parent is required to be an assistant coach.

*Please contact the Director of Wrestling, Jaques Thomas or DJ Reedy at, at  wrestling@fpycsports.com if you have additional questions.