Fairfax Police Youth Club


Wrestling Rules

Wrestling is a dynamic sport where two opponents use skill, strength, quickness and guts to control and to defeat their opponent. Wrestlers must be skilled in offensive and defensive moves to be successful. Each wrestler must be fit enough to last 3 periods and sometimes 3 periods for 3 or more matches in the same day.

Matches begin with both wrestlers standing facing each other (neutral position). After one period of wrestling, the referee tosses a coin to determine how the wrestlers will begin the next period. The coin toss winner may chose top, bottom, neutral or defer to his opponent.

A referee scores matches. His responsibility is to ensure compliance with the rules of safety and sportsmanship. Both are equally weighted in wrestling. The referee starts and stops all action with a whistle. As each wrestler gains or loses control, or scores points from near falls, pins, or other combination of moves, the referee will signal which wrestler has earned points by holding up the points on the hand color coded for the wrestler gaining the points. (Red, green and blue are traditional colors).

There are three periods in a match. A timer tracks the time for each period and signals to the referee when the period is over. Scorers watch the referee and record points accordingly. They also keep track of who has choice of position and who started in what position.

Scoring basics:

Take down - 2 points
Reverse - 2 points
Escape - 1 point
Exposing the back - 2 points
Near fall (5 seconds) - 3 points
Technical fall (>15 point lead in match) - End of match
Pin - End of match