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Welcome To Fairfax Police Youth Club

Est. 1963

The Fairfax Police Youth Club (FPYC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of leadership, sportsmanship, and physical fitness, while encouraging and providing opportunities for youth to participate in a variety of sports. The Club was originally founded as a joint police department and community program. FPYC has since developed into an independent community organization and is self-supporting.

In 2013, we celebrated our 50th Anniversary with celebrations throughout the year. FPYC received the Mayor and City Council 1st Place Award for our float, balloons, and walkers in the city's annual 4th of July parade. Thanks to all of our volunteers for making this accomplishment happen!

While totally independent, the police department still strongly supports FPYC and has representatives on the FPYC Board of Directors. Today, FPYC provides sporting venues for the youth of both the City of Fairfax and children from surrounding areas of Fairfax County. Sports that are available through FPYC include: Basketball, Cheerleading, Field Hockey, Football, Lacrosse, Rugby, Running, Soccer, T-Ball, Volleyball, Wrestling and Youth Challenged sports.

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Fall Registration for ALL Sports NOW OPEN!

Early registration discounts are in effect please see Registration tab for each sports early registration details and sign up early to take advantage.

Walk-in registrations will be held Saturday July 7, July 21 and August 4, 2018 (FPYC Clubhouse 10:00 am to 12:00 noon ONLY



Patrick Laing Scholarship 2018 Receipient: Zach Benlemilih

This year we had 18 applications to evaluate from graduating Seniors at Fairfax, George Mason, Robinson and Woodson. Zach Benlemilih was most outstanding having participated in FPYC for over...


Weather Policy

FPYC utilizes both City of Fairfax and Fairfax County fields and gyms. It is the responsibility of each coach to check the weather line and follow the appropriate action. At no time should an FPYC team be on a field or at a gym that has been closed.

City of Fairfax

The City of Fairfax Weather line is 703-385-7976. This line is updated daily by 3pm and on weekends by 7am.

Fairfax County

The Fairfax County Weather line is 703-324-5264. This line is updated during the week for all parks but not on weekends. School fields are not always included in the update. Therefore, it...

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